Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses


In this business, you get what you give. If the last 3 years have taught us anything it is that digital marketing activities are evolving rapidly and if small businesses stand a chance in this economy, they have to keep up with the trend. We can see this from how powerful digital mediums were only last year, especially social media, content marketing, analytics and mobile marketing.

Before we go any further though, it is worth mentioning that some smart companies (who are thinking long term) are purposely NOT searching for new digital marketing channels. They are taking time to really learn about the methods they are using so they can reap the most rewards, rather than spreading themselves thin. This will help with productivity. Maybe something to think about with your brand.

There have been countless studies on the effectiveness of a good social media presence. Good at bringing in marketing leads, building relationships with existing and new customers alike and being able to relay information in real time to those you want to hear it most are just a few of the benefits. As well as being a relatively cheap marketing tool for the building of your brand. Trends in this area see more companies joining Facebook and Twitter, and those already there will be looking for the next big thing.

Google has been ranking sites for a while now, with priority given to links that feature individual, quality content. As a result content marketing is set to rise dramatically. You must make your brand stand out in all the noise.

Where some companies trip up is the mobile site. With the rise of the smart phone year on year and more devices coming out every 6 months, your site must be compatible with this mobile technology. Marketers should be thinking of strategies, or simply fine tuning theirs by now. It’s that important. An Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study published this month has found that 46 percent of Australian football fans intend to use their phones to follow the World Cup this year (campaignbrief.com).

One marketing tool that small businesses should take full advantage of is Google Analytics. Marketing campaigns online can be scrutinized in depth to see where traffic is coming from. This constant evaluating can be time consuming but will prove invaluable at saving wasted resources and energy. Analytics can also help pinpoint where your budget would be best spent in future.