Killer Content: Why It’s Your Best Marketing Ally


How do you stand out online when all the players in your market are there too? Content creation is one of the biggest evolutions in how the internet has changed how we connect with businesses, media, and our peers online. Content ties into every aspect of online marketing; advertising, social media, blogging, email marketing and SEO, and therefore should be integral to how you intend to attract new and existing business online.

Content marketing refers to a digital marketing strategy in which a business creates and distributes targeted, valuable content with the goal of acquiring leads, attracting traffic and increasing sales. Content can take many forms, including written, visual or auditory, and can be anything from blog posts, podcasts, interviews, photos and videos that may interest your desired target audience.

There is little doubt that if you are marketing online, you need a content strategy in place to attract, retain and convert prospects to your business.

A content strategy requires a number of steps to be considered if it is to be successful. Firstly, you need to create content that your audience is interested in, and will care about. This involves you knowing who your target market is, what they like, and what they want from you. Content you could include to attract attention might be blogs, newsletters, online PR, eBooks, videos Podcasts, checklists, infographics or images that your prospects would be interested in. If you offer content that your audience will want to download, then you can request their email address in return.

Another factor to consider is your website copy. You need to understand your target market and what sort of copy, style and language will appeal to them. Your content should provide a ‘call to action’ for your readers to funnel them into a particular way to engage with you. Ensure you end any important articles, documents or blogs with a request to do something (enquire, connect, like, vote, call, download, find out more), and kindly ask people to get in touch if they want additional information.

To ensure your customers or potential customers are able to find your website content, you need to create an effective landing page where they will be interested to find out more about what you are offering. Make your content pages attractive to visitors by ensuring your site has a clean, easy-to-navigate design, with a layout that makes the customer want to read it.

You don’t want to scare off potential customers by asking them for too much personal information in exchange for content. If you are going to ask for details, don’t request any more than a name, email, phone and company. Preferably you will just ask for a simple email address, then use that to build an ongoing relationship through targeted communications!

A good content strategy is worthless if you don’t promote yourself. Ensure you have a keyword and SEO strategy in place, so that every piece of content you are putting out online has the right components to be nicely indexed by search engines, and shared on social media networks. Make it sharable by including a catchy title, meta tags and use social sharing icons such as AddThis.

Once your killer content strategy is in place, measure how your prospects are responding by monitoring and responding to comments and conversations. Encourage discussions by posting the article with leading question to actively generate discussions.

Brianna Vidal is the Director of Affinity Marketing, a marketing and PR agency passionate about working with great people on great ideas.