Affinity Marketing is a full service boutique marketing agency, based in Sydney, Australia.

Our skills in strategic marketing, written communications, great design and generating media exposure improve our clients’ business image and profile. We specialise in marketing and positioning your business online, building relationships with key partners and alliances, and aligning marketing activities with your overall business growth objectives.

Services include:

  • Marketing strategy and plans

  • Outsourced marketing management

  • Public relations campaigns

  • Website design and development

  • Online marketing strategy & implementation

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Social media & email marketing

  • Brand development & graphic design

  • Copywriting

  • Investor communications

  • Editorial and publishing services

We approach our clients with marketing solutions that address the business objectives as well as marketing goals and sales targets.

Your business may benefit from marketing support services to reinforce the overall marketing strategy. This could include a public relations campaign, a new website or re-branding of your stationery and logo.

Or your business may require a structured marketing plan that is easy to execute and clearly addresses the needs of the business, whether it be expansion, new clients or launching a new product or service.

Taking on a new client involves us exploring your industry and its nuances. We do this on our time, not yours. We then put forward a proposal based on our recommendations and your needs.

We are happy to work with clients on getting a strategy right. Similarly, at the task level, we work through an approval process so that you are comfortable all along the way about the message we are creating for your business.

Reporting is an important part of our service and therefore we issue regular updates and communications on our work in progress. This gives you peace of mind about your marketing spend being executed effectively and also gives you the chance to alter activities where you see fit.

Finally, we encourage a review of every campaign or strategy over the phone or in person. New challenges arise every day and your marketing activities need to reflect your position now, not 12 months ago.

That is where Affinity Marketing will rise to the challenge, we are flexible, fast and cost-effective and won’t rest until you get the results you came to us for.