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Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses

In this business, you get what you give. If the last 3 years have taught us anything it is that digital marketing activities are evolving rapidly and if small businesses stand a chance in this economy, they have to keep up with the trend. We can see this from how powerful digital mediums were only last year, especially social media, content marketing, analytics and mobile marketing.

Before we go any further though, it is worth mentioning that some smart companies (who are thinking long term) are purposely NOT searching for new digital marketing channels. They are taking time to really learn about the methods they are using so they can reap the most rewards, rather than spreading th


How To Use PR To Gain Credibility For Your Business

Savvy companies know that gaining credibility for their business requires engaging content that their audience can easily relate to.

There are many PR tools you can use to position your brand in a positive light with those interested. Effectively practicing these tools will take the positive attitudes formed and turn this interest into action.

Companies who know how media works and in particular how forging strong relationships will give better (and more frequent) coverage, will have more effective media relations and better results.

Ensuring you have a good story to give the press is top of the list of priorities. And make sure the media journalists you are talking t


Revamp your marketing this year

Now is the time to start revamping your marketing for the year to come, to get that bottom line looking healthy for the year ahead. Here are some pointers and tips to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Know yourself

Take a look at your marketing activities in the past year. Evaluate what strategies worked and what did not as well as the potential reasons why they did/did not succeed. Doing this self assessment can help you to identify possible future strategies. Keep in mind that because a strategy worked in the past it does not mean that it will succeed in the future and vice versa, careful planning and research will still need to be carried out.
In addition