Marketing Tips


Marketing Tips


10 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

1. Followed the trend to connect your business with Facebook and not seeing the benefits? Help your business get more ‘likes’ and become more sociably noticeable; manage expectations, make time for it, learn as much as you can if you are DIY, start with a small budget and build on it, have conversations with your supporters and don’t spam!

2. Test your direct mail campaigns before you send it to your entire list. Even a modest campaign of a few thousand pieces can run up the budget with mailing and duplication costs. Always test mail a portion of your mailing list and check the results, 10% or at least 300 pieces is a good rule of thumb.


Killer Content: Why It’s Your Best Marketing Ally

How do you stand out online when all the players in your market are there too? Content creation is one of the biggest evolutions in how the internet has changed how we connect with businesses, media, and our peers online. Content ties into every aspect of online marketing; advertising, social media, blogging, email marketing and SEO, and therefore should be integral to how you intend to attract new and existing business online.

Content marketing refers to a digital marketing strategy in which a business creates and distributes targeted, valuable content with the goal of acquiring leads, attracting traffic and increasing sales. Content can take many forms, including written, visual or auditory, and can be anything from blog posts, podcasts, interviews, photos and videos that may interest your desired target audience.

There is little doubt that if you are marketing online, you need a content strategy in place to attract, retain and convert prospects to your business.


How to build website traffic

There is no point in having a website for your business if it does not receive any views, as this is a waste of time and money that could be spent on other things. Having a successful website with a high amount of views can be great for your business. Charles Ryder, CEO of White Chalk Road has come up with a number of tips to help your business’s website receive the views it deserves. Some of the most important tips to help your business achieve success through online recognition can be found below:

1. Be Creative
You want your website to attract viewers and gain their interest. It is important that your website offers interesting and exciting content that will encourage viewers to read further and explore your website and what your business is all about. A tip would be to include images, videos or other interactive content for your viewers to enjoy.