Affinity Marking Package Options


Start up package

For businesses and entrepreneurs who have recently or will soon start operating. This package allows small businesses with limited resources to focus their attention on what they do best. We will help plan marketing of the business so that it is in the best possible position to reach and tend to its customers needs.


  • Development of a marketing and communication plan
  • Identify potential customers
  • Competitor analysis
  • Copywriting of marketing communication
  • Build a website and social media presence

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Small business package

Running a small business? Not enough time to do everything that needs to be done? Let us take some of the load off with our small business marketing package.


  • Manage marketing and communication plans
  • Copywriting all marketing communication
  • Develop and manage online presence (social/website)

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Marketing manager package (medium businesses)

Similar to the small business package but includes more time allocation, plus may include some higher level marketing such as SEO, multiple marketing activities, more complex and frequent updating of website etc

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Marketing director package (large businesses)

The highest level of attention from us, we will act as an outsourced marketing department carrying out all marketing related activities (building further on marketing manager package)

Rebrand package (can be one a one off or a continuous basis)

Not sure where your brand is? Want to reach a different type of consumer? The rebrand package will help you acquire new customers by developing the right brand offering (includes but is not limited to creating a message, logo, slogan etc)


  • Identify current brand position
  • Competitive analysis
  • Establish key brand components/competencies
  • Develop new branding strategy
  • Develop communication plan and copywriting

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Marketing audit

We’ll have a look at your current marketing strategy and execution and let you know what you could be doing better (encompasses underlying strategy and execution of this strategy)


  • Assess marketing plan
  • Evaluate previous marketing campaigns and identify reasons for success/failure
  • Identify potential areas for improvements (can leave it at that or come up with suggestions)

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Marketing plan package


  • A two hour consultation* with Affinity’s managing director
  • Establishment of a marketing plan framework
  • Development of a cohesive, consistent marketing plan with actionable suggestions
  • The option to have Affinity help put this marketing plan in place in the organisation

*May need to be longer or multiple consultations depending on the size/structure of the organisation

One-on-One seminar

Instead of doing the marketing activities for you we will work with you initially and give you the skills and know-how to eventually perform your marketing activities without our assistance.

None of these packages exactly what you want, give us a call and we’ll tailor make a package with the functions and services you want.

(Some set packages with interchangeable features)

**Packages include a XX hour consultation with Affinity CEO or Managing director**

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Online Marketing Magic

**Similar to the awareness package but more of an ongoing arrangement**

Online (website, SEO, etc) package

Need to bolster your online presence? Whether it is developing a social media portfolio, building your website or optimising your current online offering, Affinity can help you develop/improve/maintain your digital points of contact with customers.


  • Build a website and social media presence
  • Copywriting of marketing communication
  • SEO and lead creation

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Public Relations

You have a great business and strong brand but nobody knows who you are. We can help with that… We will use our knowledge of the different communication media to advise you on the most cost effective channels.


  • Develop PR and media strategy
  • Identify potential avenues for communication
  • Create press releases
  • Interact with media companies
  • Monitor the progress of communication campaigns

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