How can Affinity Marketing help your business?

Every business we work with is at a unique stage in their marketing strategy; hence we have developed a range of packages for our clients to suit every

stage of development We also understand that your business needs are unique and may not fit into one of our packages, so we allow for a certain amount of flexibility in our offerings. If you still can’t find a package to suit we strongly encourage you to get in contact with us and we will put together a tailored marketing package that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The relationship with our clients are most important to us, and therefore we often work as an extension of your team, seamlessly working along side your key resources to achieve your marketing outcomes that are inline with your overall business plan and growth strategy.

Affinity Marketing provides a range of services to our clients including;

Scripting out your success, line by line.


Marketing Strategy

Affinity Marketing is a full service boutique marketing agency, based in Sydney, Australia.
Our skills in strategic marketing, written communications, great design and generating media exposure improve our clients’ business image and profile. We specialise in marketing and positioning your business online, building

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Outsourced Marketing

At a time when businesses and technologies are evolving rapidly, employing the right staff is an expensive an often tiresome activity. Finding the right person with the right skill set, at the right price and time is difficult. Making a wrong hire is a costly mistake that many businesses can’t afford to make.

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Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is a key part of every marketing strategy that assists businesses to increase credibility, gain awareness and educate target audiences. Broadly speaking, PR covers every touch point with your company’s stakeholders, and manages the flow of information to the public from your

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