Marketing & business coaching

  • Want to grow your business but aren’t sure what the next steps are?
  • Want to find out more about a specific area of marketing like online marketing, branding or social media?
  • Need help understanding what has and has not worked for your business so far?
  • Want to take your own marketing skills to the next level?

Our workshops and coaching sessions will help you and your team kickstart your marketing plans, guide you through the marketing strategy process and work out what resources you need to effectively implement your business growth plan. 

We develop workshop content that is tailored and specific to your business marketing goals and deliver practical, easy to implement ideas that will give help give you the edge in your business. You will be provided with a takeaway action plan as well as dedicated follow up to ensure your plans stay on track post-workshop. 

As a strategic, growth focused agency, we can also bring our business specialist partners in to our coaching workshops. This means collaborating with specialists in sales, customer management, human resources, finance and accounting to give you a full picture of what needs to be done in order for your business to excel. And if there is specialist you need, but don't currently have, we can access them through our excellent network of business coaching consultants. 

Workshops and coaching services can be delivered one-on-one to the CEO or head of your business, or together with your key team members responsible for overall marketing output. 

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